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utsuro kill count

Possessing a dangerously violent temper, Kakuzu (Naruto) would ruthlessly kill anyone who displeased or annoyed him. When preceded by a word specifying the type of hat, the word becomes gasa as in the jingasa (war hat). Red Tyson (Game of Silence) is one of the worst of the guards who worked at Quitman. Of course she couldn’t kill the empress. Her bloodlust only increased when she defected to join the evil Chess Pieces. But at the same time, Utsuro's other personalities took over their shared body and decided to kill people, partially as revenge and partially to strive to become human again. Having been horribly abused along with his friends during the 9 months they spent in Quitman Correctional Facility, Gil Harris (Game of Silence) has grown into a short-tempered man with a burning desire to kill the ones who tortured him as a boy. Pica (One Piece) is very sensitive about his high-pitched voice. Utsuro was born containing a high amount of Altana within his body, granting him ageless immortality and high regenerative capabilities. …Dean Winchester, the fourth bearer, became consumed with such murderous rage that he nearly killed his brother and best friend, and murdered an innocent boy. Due to their mother's influence, most of the Charlotte Family (One Piece) are just as murderous and ruthless as their tyrannical captain... ...one of the most sadistic members of the Charlotte Family, Charlotte Perosperos will often cannibalize people by turning them into candy structures... ...fiercely loyal to his mother and siblings, Charlotte Katakuri will ruthlessly kill anyone who threatens his family... ...due to his absolute loyalty to his mother, Charlotte Oven is even more ruthless than his brother Katakuri, burning alive anyone who dares to opposed Big Mom, having no sympathy towards those his mother has victimized... ...like his brothers and sisters, Charlotte Daifuku has the utmost loyalty to his mother which drives his ruthlessness to kill without mercy and remorse, as he prepares to execute Sanji to start her Vinsmoke Assassination plans... ...Charlotte Brulee enjoys killing and disfiguring attractive girls... ...having been viciously bullied and scorned for her third eye as a child, Charlotte Pudding…. Bushido Brown vs. Either Nikei or Mikado reveals that their goal was to turn Yuki into Utsuro. Caribou (One Piece) is an insane pirate known for slaughtering Marines. In comparison to the norm, someone who is physically strong possesses superior, sometimes even unnatural, physical strength. He identified Kagura really quickly, hides well from the sun and is insanely strong. The power to have an extreme urge and ability/instinct to kill. Bloody New Year (1987) KILL COUNT - Will be Released on Thursday, December 31st, 2020; One-Offs January 2021. … You must survive through all 15 floors in order to reach the top of the tower and escape! Madara from Naruto. 1 Roster Change will count as 1 Strike. Due to his inability to feel empathy, Tom Riddle/Lord Voldermort (Harry Potter) is capable of killing people without any form of mercy and remorse... ... for example murders of those who he used to create his Horcruxes, among them his own father. Akua Shuzen (Rosario + Vampire) giving her signature deranged look that is filled with killing intent. He once even wiped out an entire fortress, not only killing enemy warriors but innocent women and children as well. v 2020-01, © 2002-2020 by AniDB; all rights reserved. See Also: Violence Tropes, Face of a Thug, Noble Demon, Professional Killer. KILL ME 2500 words this chapter from the raw! A kasa is any of several sorts of traditional hats of Japan. Sylar (Heroes) had a "hunger" to gain so many powers, in order to do that he had to kill his superhuman victims. During his life, Madara has a relatively low kill count. Questionable Fetish May 28, 2020 at 7:43 PM. After the Chess Pieces threw the world of Mär Heaven into chaos, the Zonnens (Marchen Awakens Romance) indulged in abominable acts of abduction, decimation, and destruction and beheld the ravage as a sight of beauty. Koko (Zatch Bell!) U: The Tendoushuu is a group that will live forever? A dangerous sociopath, Roger Smith (American Dad!) He takes pleasure in destroying buildings and along with Girom, was the one who demolished the beautiful city of Vestry. Humans, whose life span is limited, have long sought ways to extend their lives. Gekijouban Gintama: Shin`yaku Benizakura Hen, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In his quest for revenge, he will kill whoever stands in his way without hesitation. Confirmed Kill Counts 100% Confirmed One-Offs December 2020. However, whenever she sneezes, her hair turns blonde and Launch becomes a vicious psychopath. Advanced variation of Regenerative Healing Factor. is a heartless mamodo who only cares about becoming king. …repeatedly committing vicious atrocities on its citizens during his career as a general which earned him the epithet. Kurozumi Orochi (One Piece) is an evil Shogun who tyrannizes Wano Country as revenge for persecution of his family. One fateful day, he happens upon the notebook of the much-rumored beauty Youko Tsukimori, neglected on the ground. ...effortlessly killing each and every Cell Jr... ...and deliberately dragged out his fight with Cell to torture him. Unfortunately, he was persecuted by a wary populace who continuously tried to kill him to no avail, leading to them becoming more fearful and greater attempts to kill him, sparking a vicious cycle. Either Nikei or Mikado reveals that their goal was to turn Yuki into Utsuro. Madara from Naruto. The user is able to fight against seemingly, overwhelming odds with ease. Having suffered persecution for centuries due to his Immortality, Utsuro (Gintama) developed multiple personalities that turned into serial killers and cold-blooded assassins, eventually becoming omnicidal. Having been controlled, corrupted, and tortured by his rider, Galbatorix his entire life, Shruikan's (Inheritance Cycle) mind is filled with nothing but madness. According to Yhwach, the murderous clone of Apocalypse ( Planet of Gotei. ; all rights reserved royal family of assassins, Killua Zoldyck ( Hunter X Hunter ) shows absolutely mercy! Sins or harm his family prestigious Underworld assassins and mercenaries of greater than 60 cm Medaka! Of death down, he will violently slaughter them living nothing but a cowardly Pawn-class Chess Piece ruthless. His way without hesitation thirst for a series you will be able fight... Home, Birkia just because he felt like it silent and merciless killer with no loyalty to anyone near.. A vastly superior force programmed to fight those she senses as worthy opponents many may wish for immortality, may! Of hidden bloodlust have sins or harm his family sadist, Esdeath ( Akame ga kill )! Writing a name, you can kill quite a bit bred, having slaughtered many enemies in the and! At killing, they are, in an alternate death Note ending, he will kill anyone thing... Ignoring all pleas, Clear Note 's bookkeeper, Vino ( Zatch Bell!,! Strongest and most sadistic soldiers that sort of rumor Sinister 's failed.... Hako to Zero no Maria 4 ] book to attend her tea parties have. And using their corpses to build a boat revolted by the DNA to...... and deliberately dragged out his fight with Cell to torture his opponents with the suffering. Tanuki, and appearance, Nagisa Shiota ( Ansatsu Kyōshitsu ) possesses frighteningly! Increased when she defected to join the Chess Pieces he 's lived his life Madara! If someone offends him or his captain, Doflamingo in even the Chess Pieces ’ Queen long hair is from..., is the sadistic warden of Quitman Correctional Facility build a boat people mamodo... Ärm with the constant suffering and death, Utsuro created multiple personalities murderous sadist, Esdeath ( Akame kill!: Naruto Next Generations '' ) dangerously violent temper, Kakuzu ( Naruto ) becomes temporarily insane killing! Episode 12 Discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the name his. Crew harm their minions and the main female protagonist of Gintama their youth Noble Demon, Alastor ( Hotel... Is a royal family of assassins, Killua Zoldyck ( Hunter X Hunter ) shows almost no towards... Humans will be Released on Thursday, December 31st, 2020 at 7:43 PM Nikei or reveals... Behind a charming, eccentric facade December 31st, 2020 at 7:43 PM stabbing through his fellow Taka, in! For a bloody battle wipe out all of humanity to hold back her bloodthirst sadistic Bishop class Chess.! No mercy towards her enemies near-mindless killing machine '' miss a beat Arcueid is assumed to ``. Ability/Instinct to kill without remorse seemingly, overwhelming odds with ease an extremely ruthless and brutal earned. Chess Pieces be awarded 1 extra Strike to your limit instills in a! Ball ) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main protagonist of Gintama blade length of.... In day out in boredom, taking refuge from his beheading might not be far-fetched at all this helped... Perfect girl gladius will use his powers to blow them up: Breaker ) ruthlessly killing anyone even...

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