form elements like input, textarea etc. The server answers the request using the same protocol. window.onload = function () { var http = getHTTPObject (); if (http) { var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName ("a"); for (var foo = 0; foo < anchors.length; foo++) { if (anchors [foo].className == "httpauth") { createForm (anchors [foo]); } } } } function createForm (jshttpauth) { var form = document.createElement ("form"); form.action = jshttpauth.href; form.method = "get"; … Submit an Inpatient Precertification Request Form. Sending files with HTML forms is a special case. Files are binary data — or considered as such — whereas all other data is text data. Content is available under these licenses. 4.Press Send and see the response box and status code. This example shows how you would use Python to do the same thing — display the submitted data on a web page. How the data is sent depends on the method attribute. This value can be overridden by a formaction attribute on a