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. You can easily turn on and off textarea resize properties in a CSS3 style sheet and HTML5. How can I disable this? How to Disable the Resizing of Textarea Using CSS December 27, 2020 December 27, 2020 amine.kouis 0 Comments disable textarea resize html, text area noresize, textarea ( resize: none not working), textarea css, textarea disable resize, textarea resize none not working, textarea resize off. You could instead just  CSS3 can solve this problem. autosize is an useful and user-friendly jQuery Plugin that makes your form textarea elements automatically and dynamically resizing based on your users input. There may be times when you want to disable this function so a textarea cannot be resized. Example Turn off resize textarea in Chrome & Safari Design the page with a liquid layout Turn off the users ability to resize the textarea Give the textarea a max size How to Textarea resize (On-Off ) properties, Some people decide to remove the textarea resize handle using the CSS resize none declaration and that is a bad thing for UX. Resize Textarea to fit Content $.fn.extend({ autoresize: function () { Auto Resize feature makes a textarea more user-friendly.